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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1:  What is the rate?

A:  The room rental fee for our banquet hall ranges from $575 to $1750 and varies upon the day of the week, the size of the room required, the number of hours needed and the intended use of the hall.  Patriot Hall offers a wonderful location for your Quinceañera, business meeting, party, class reunion, family reunion, wedding, rehearsal dinner, funeral reception, celebration of life, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, craft show, event fair, retreat, training seminar, bar/bat mitzvah or even a self defense or yoga class.

Q:  What does the rental fee include?

 A: The rental fee includes use of the facility, setup of the tables and chairs, removal of the tables and chairs
and supervisor coordination fee.

Q2:  What type of space is available?

A:  Patriot Hall offers one large banquet hall which may hold 300 guests with theater style seating. The maximum capacity for a sit-down dinner is 200.  This beautiful room can be divided into two smaller rooms for a more private space for smaller groups.  Also available on our property is a pavilion with picnic tables and grills.  Settled in the woods, this covered shelter is in plain view of our playground and additional picnic tables.

Q3:  Do you require a security deposit?
A:  A security deposit equal to half of the rental fee will hold the date for your special event.  For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards and you can even pay by phone.

Q4:  How many guests will your room hold?
A:  Patriot Hall will accommodate up to 200 guests for a seated meal or 300 guests with theater style seating.  The lobby to the Patriot Hall may be used for a registration area, a receiving line, or a check-out location for an auction or fundraiser.  This space may hold up to 50 guests.  

Q:  Do you have a dance floor?

A:  Patriot Hall has hard wood floors so the dance floor is located any where in the room and varies in size based on the number of tables and chairs setup in the room. 

Q5:  May I choose my own caterer?

A:  Patriot Hall has on-site catering or you may choose you own licensed caterer.  There is a surcharge of 30% of the rental fee for bringing your own caterer. 

Q7:  Is alcohol allowed? 

A:  : We have a wine and beer license. In order for you to bring your own alcoholic beverages, you may purchase
an ABC one day banquet liquor license from the
Virginia ABC Authority.   Patriot Hall personnel must staff the bar
to cover the length of your alcohol service plus one hour to set up and one hour to clean up after the event. Alcoholic
beverages may be served as a cash bar, open bar or combination of both.

Q:  May I bring my own alcohol? 
A:  You may purchase a one day ABC license and bring your own beer, wine and hard liquor.  Your ABC license must be provided to Patriot Hall Manager prior to your event. 

Q: Can we bring our own bartender and alcoholic beverages?

A:  Because of our ABC license, we are required to provide the bartender, regardless of whether you bring your own
alcohol or not. The bartender fee is $25 per hour and the bartend is  paid an hour to setup and an hour to cleanup the
bar before and after the bar is open.  To bring your own alcohol, you must obtain a one-day banquet license from the
ABC authority. Our policy requires that we provide a security officer  ($100 fee) if you bring your own alcohol.   If we
provide the alcohol, then you pay only for what is consumed. 

Q6:  Is a kitchen available?

A:  Our commercial kitchen is available to our Chefs and our caterers.  You may use your own licensed caterer, but a surcharge will be added to the rental fee.  A copy of your caterer’s food manager's license must be provided to the Patriot Hall Manager prior to your event. 

Q8:  How many parking spaces are there?

A:  We have 90 parking spaces available for banquet hall guests.  Valet parking is available for an additional fee.

Q:  Do you have a coat closet?

A:  Our roomy coat closet is located in our lobby between our main entrance and the banquet hall. 

Q:  How many restrooms are available?

A:   We have a large ladies restroom with four stalls.  Our men's room is appropriately roomy.

Q:  Do you have other contacts in the event planning business?

A:  Patriot Hall staff can help you plan your special event with our vendor list to guide you to a decorator, photographer, florist, DJ, band and desserts all conveniently located in Northern Virginia.

Have more questions?  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 703-938-2168.  

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